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4-Week Discipleship Series 

September 8–29 

Sundays, 5:30–7:15 p.m., Weddington Fellowship Hall 

Led by Rev. Patsy Sorrell   

Being a devoted Christian represents a commitment to following the rhythms of discipleship–worshiping God with passion, intentionally growing in faith, proclaiming the gospel with grace, and humbly serving in love. Throughout the coming year our church will embark on a series of short-term Devoted studies focused on these four aspects of discipleship. Each short study will focus on an aspect of living as a devoted disciple of Christ, and will include dinner, fellowship, Biblical teaching, and small group discussions.   

Our new Devoted series begins in September with a four-week study focused on worshipping God with passion. Dive into the discussion as Rev. Patsy Sorrell guides us to consider how true worship can be much more than attending a service on Sunday morning—it’s a way of life that orients our hearts and lives around the God we love and seek to follow.    

Childcare is available by reservation. Please register by September 1.  

Devoted: Worship as a Way of Life (Fall 2024)

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