Fall Worship Update

An Update from Rev. Dr. Terry Moore on the Plans for Worship This Fall


Dear Church Family,

Thank you all for your continued patience and grace throughout this COVID pandemic.  Our goal has been to fulfill the commandments to love God and our neighbor  (Matthew 22:37-39).  We have sought to worship God while protecting the vulnerable or those with loved ones who are vulnerable.

We began this pandemic with online worship so we could continue to worship God together in the safety of our own homes.  We added outdoor worship so we could join together as the church family while still protecting our brothers and sisters at risk.  We then added indoor worship while socially distanced and masked.  Our indoor worship is now with masks optional and closer seating for those vaccinated.   We have offered worship for those who need the security of their homes, those who want to worship corporately but are too vulnerable to be indoors, and for those who love indoor worship.

Summer will soon end.  Our goal is to return to our standard worship and discipleship schedule following Labor Day.  We are excited to fully resume our classes, studies, and worship opportunities.  We will continue our online worship experiences and will transition to live-streaming online as a permanent opportunity.

Many of us love the outdoor worship.  I am one of those.  As worship leaders we have discussed our desire to continue outdoor worship experiences.  We will design outdoor worship opportunities for some Sunday mornings as well as special services.

One of our concerns is for those who are vulnerable or have loved ones who are vulnerable.  For some, the potential risks are life-threatening.  If you have been joining us for worship outdoors and are concerned with indoor worship, I invite you to contact me personally by email or call my office.   We want to discuss alternatives that would allow you to worship in person with us as well as feel safe.  We are not fully the church without you.  We are considering “Safe Zones” where those at risk can be in a section where all in a designated area agree to mask and/or distance to protect one another.

Loving God and loving neighbor has been a delicate balance during this pandemic.  Our goal is to fulfill both commandments for the glory of God.  Not every decision will be pleasing to everyone.  And, we will not get every decision right when we look back.  We ask for your grace.  We are striving to create opportunities for passionate worship where all are welcome, safe, and blessed.

I look forward to our continued worship together.  It is a sacred privilege to be the church together.

In ministry together,


Rev. Dr. Terry Moore

Senior Pastor

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