Meet Rev. Amy Hutchison

Meet Rev. Amy Hutchison


This month at Weddington Methodist Church, we are thrilled to welcome our new Evangelism Pastor, Reverend Amy Hutchison. Rev. Hutchison will begin her new role in July and will have her first Sunday on July 10.81287646F080


Having been born and raised in upstate South Carolina along with her two sisters, Amy has always considered the Charlotte area to be “home.” After graduating from high school, she attended the University of
South Carolina and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a minor in Business in 2004. After college, Amy worked for seven years in marketing and fundraising, first for a country club as their Membership Director and then with non-profits in resource development.


Rev. Amy credits her passion for evangelism and serving the un-churched to her own personal struggles with evangelism. “There’s a saying that goes, ‘Not all who wander are lost.’ Well, that saying was not me in college. I was wandering and I was lost. I was trying to figure out who I was in all of the worst ways. This led to lots of people trying to evangelize me. It seems as if I experienced everything—from the street preachers who screamed in my face, to the high school friend who lectured me, to the Bible Study leaders who prayed for my salvation. I don’t doubt their hearts were in the right place, but with every attempted evangelism effort, I grew more and more frustrated with Christians.”


“Around that time, a couple of sorority sisters invited me to a Bible Study, and I went mainly so I could question them on everything and tell them how wrong they were and how ridiculous Christians were. Despite my combative nature, they listened to me, were kind, didn’t lecture, didn’t pray for my salvation, but just let me talk. Several years later, I still wasn’t following Christ but had started attending a church in town. A guy in our young adult group sat and listened to my story and shared his as well, and shortly after that I had my ‘prodigal son (in my case, daughter)’ moment and accepted the grace of Christ.”


Before her time in seminary, Amy also struggled with her call to ministry. “Like many others, I fought (my calling) for a long time. When I started working at the Bethlehem Center, I knew God was up to something. I spent my time there speaking to United Methodist Churches in the Charlotte area, and I knew it was God’s way of calling me back to the local church. Still, it wasn’t until one particular night when I was serving at a young adult ministry, CharlotteONE, that my call became clear. It was the first time I realized that God had both designed and equipped me for ministry specifically with those who had been hurt and confused by the church. Over the past several years, God has put people in my life who have some of the same questions I had or even bigger ones, and I am grateful to have been able to enter those spaces and I always pray I am able to reflect even a small bit of the grace and love shown to me.”
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After accepting the call into ministry, Amy attended seminary at Emory University and the Candler School of Theology where she graduated with her Master of Divinity in 2013. During her time in seminary, Amy did two internships where she worked with young people—first at the United Methodist Children’s Home with the young adults who lived on site and then at Buckhead Church with their college ministry. She then served St. John UMC in Atlanta as the Youth Director before taking her first appointment as the solo Pastor of the Friendship-Browns Summit Charge in Browns Summit, North Carolina.


Rev. Amy is looking forward to her time at Weddington and returning “home” to the Charlotte area. “I am most excited about this opportunity to live into my call in the way God has equipped me and all of the ways God has affirmed that call.” She is also looking forward to making personal connections with each member of Weddington’s congregation and hearing stories of how Christ has changed their lives. “The beauty of the Kingdom is that each one of us is designed in unique ways that allow us to be in community with unique persons. If I accomplish nothing else, it would be to equip, empower, and inspire those at Weddington to see their unique position in the community to love others in the name of Christ.”


Weddington Methodist Church looks forward to welcoming Amy into our community of faith as we seek to Worship God with Passion. Her official start date is July 1, 2016.

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