Monthly Reflections – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 


Mother’s Day is a special day.  Each year we pause to think about our mothers and those who have shaped our lives.  We give thanks to God and share memories as we think about our mothers who have gone before us.  We give thanks to God and reach out in love to our mothers who are in our lives today.  We give thanks to God and celebrate those, who like mothers, have shaped us.  We give thanks to God and celebrate those who are mothers, or like mothers, to the ones we love.


I was blessed to be raised by a Christian mother.  I am the fourth of five children.  Our mother made sure we had everything we needed growing up.  She made sure we had supplies for school, insisted that we do our homework, and try our best.  She led us to church and volunteered in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, youth programs, and other events because she knew our walk with Jesus Christ was vital.


I was blessed to have a Christian grandmother.  She was a pistol and the epitome of a country grandma.  She had no filter.  If she thought it, she said it.  She loved us and spoiled us.  We would ride our bicycles the 1.5 miles to her house.  She would be ready for us with fried apple pies or something else amazing.  Every Sunday, she joined our family for Sunday lunch.  There are so many memories and stories of Grandma.


And, I am blessed to be married to a Christian mother.  She loves our kids and they have never doubted it.  She was involved in their education from preschool through, well, today.  She still proofreads papers for all of us.  She insisted they be active in their walk with Jesus Christ.  Being the wife of the pastor, she had all the responsibility for our children on Sundays.  She made sure they were up, dressed, and ready for Sunday School and worship.  She volunteered to lead Vacation Bible School and was always helping in some way throughout their children and youth ministries.  They know they can count on Mom.


Most all of us have been blessed by a mother or someone like a mother in our lives.  Mother’s Day is a time to pause, remember, give thanks to God, and share our gratitude with those who have shaped us.  Take some intentional time to be with family.  And, let them know you love them and thank God for them.  Thanks Mom!


In ministry together,

Rev. Dr. Terry L. Moore

Senior Pastor

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