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Our Afterschool Enrichment Program is for children in our 3, 4, and 5-year-old classes on the Weddington Campus. There are a variety of classes offered, and instructors are our own preschool staff team members. 

Registration for the second semester will begin Monday, December 11 and end on Thursday, January 11. A link to register will be sent by email and posted here. We have updated class offerings and descriptions below.

If you register successfully, you will receive an email confirmation from the afterschool coordinator.

Tuesday Classes: Start 1/30-End 4/30 (no class 3/5 or 4/2)

Wednesday Classes: Start 1/31-End 4/24 (no class 4/3)

Thursday Classes: Start 2/1-End 4/25 (no class 4/4)

There will be no makeup days or partial tuition refunds in the event of inclement weather or unplanned closings. If more than one class is missed, we will try to reschedule that class if dates are available.

If your child will NOT be participating in their afterschool class for that day and you plan to pick up in car line, please notify your child’s teacher of that change. You can also reach out to the preschool office. This will help keep our car line flowing smoothly.

Afterschool Enrichment Coordinator 

Jenny Puckett: jpuckett@wcpreschool.com

Afterschool Class Information

Afterschool Enrichment classes are offered Tuesday-Thursday from 1:15 to 1:55 with the first semester beginning in September and ending in December. Different classes are offered on different days and children can register for one or multiple classes. The cost of each class is $120 and some classes have an additional supply fee.

Afterschool Class Descriptions and Information

Instructor:  Ms. Heather Hasemeyer

Offered: Tuesday-3s and Wednesday-4s/TK

Does your child love to dance?!?!? Well, we have just the class for him/her. Your child will LOVE this upbeat dance class focusing on learning the rhythms and hearing the “boogie and beat” in sequences. The children will also learn original hip hop dance moves all the way up to today’s “coolest” moves as well. A very fun and inviting class for both boys and girls.

Ms. Heather is a 2’s assistant at WCP.

Instructor: Ms. Jessica Parker

Supply Fee: $15

Offered: Tuesday and Thursday-4s & TK

Does your child love Legos? If so, join our Lego Club! In this class, we will work with Lego bricks to engineer solutions, strengthen fine motor skills, and improve visual spatial reasoning as we build a different project each week.

Ms. Jessica is a 4’s teacher at WCP.

Instructor: Ms. Heather Hasemeyer

Offered: Thursday-3s

Join Ms. Heather in a beginner’s dance class that will allow the students to develop dance fundamentals and structure. Along with building onto proper dance technique and classroom style expectations, the students will also follow a monthly themed curriculum that involves creative movement. Our movers will have a fun and explorative space to highlight their creativity that God blessed them with. Both boys and girls are invited to sign up for this class.

Ms. Heather is a 2’s assistant at WCP.

Instructors: Ms. Courtney Seawright

Supply Fee: $15

Offered: Wednesday-4s/TK

Does your child love art and enjoy using their imaginations to create something fun? If this describes your child, then you will for sure want to sign him/her up for The Creative Corner art class. Children will explore painting, collage, and/or drawing each week. This is sure to be a fun time for your little ones. The BEST part is they will be able to bring home their projects and share them with their families.

Ms. Courtney is a 4s assistant at WCP.

Instructor: Ms. Sandra D’Orazio

Supply Fee: $15

Tuesday & Thursday – 3s

Does your child like books, songs, and snacks? Then Yummy Tummy is the class for him/her! Each week your child will make a yummy snack that corresponds with that week’s book, song, or Bible verse. We will work on fine motor skills, working independently and in groups as well as sharing and taking turns. **Due to the variety of foods that we will use in this class, we are unable to safely register children with food allergies.

Ms. Sandy is a 4s assistant at WCP.

Instructor: Ms. Caroline Lattanzi

Supply Fee: $15

Offered: Wednesdays-4s

A LOVE of READING will develop as your child is introduced to 10 classic children’s books. Books will come to life as we have fun together with puppets, crafts, songs, dances, finger plays, and fun snacks!
One example would be after reading, “Where the Wild Things Are,” each child will be crowned the “king of the wild things,” make a craft, and have a dance of the “wild things.”

Ms. Caroline is a 3s teacher at WCP.

Instructors: Ms. Kristin Manning

Supply Fee: $15

Offered: Tuesday-4s/TK

Preschoolers know that running, jumping, skipping, bouncing, and throwing are great fun but did you know there is also magic in these movements? Games and activities that target gross motor skills improve balance and coordination, build fitness and endurance, strengthen attention and social/emotional skills, and build confidence (“I can try new things!”) and resilience (“I can do hard things if I keep trying!”). Each class will consist of a warm-up that has us moving our bodies in new and fun ways, a brief “team talk” in which we learn about specific social-emotional skills that keep our games fun and fair, and end with a game of the week in which we engage in full-on energetic play. Discover the magic in movement as we move and play together!

Ms. Kristin is a 4s teacher at WCP.

Instructor: Ms. Jenny Puckett and Ms. Sharon Sperling-3s
Ms. Jenny Puckett-4s/TK

Supply Cost: $15
Offered: Tuesday/Thursday-4s and Wednesday–3s

Every day, your child explores and discovers their world and how things work in new ways. They’re natural-born scientists, and science is all around them! This semester we will be participating in various scientific experiments, such as mixing baking soda and vinegar, making predictions, and observing what happens.
Our goal is to excite the children about the world of science, using innovative educational techniques. Coupling interactive projects, entertaining demonstrations, and simple experiments, the children will experience the thrill of scientific discovery.

Ms. Jenny Puckett is a 4s teacher at WCP.
Mrs. Sharon Sperling is a 3s assistant at WCP.

Instructor:  Ms. Michelle Cachine

Supply Fee: $15

Offered: Tuesday and Thursday – 4s/TK

Kids in the Kitchen is an exciting, interactive cooking class where your child will have the opportunity to create and test different recipes each week.  We will learn to mix, measure, and pour while learning to eat a “rainbow of colors” to stay healthy.  Your child will be exercising their math, science, and vocabulary skills, as well as learning to share and take turns, all while creating and trying yummy foods.  Each week they will receive a copy of that week’s recipe so that they may show off their cooking skills at home for their families.  **Due to the variety of foods that we will use in this class, we are unable to safely register children with food allergies. **

Ms. Michelle is a 3’s teacher at WCP.